Find and Get a Facebook ID Free tool

Every Facebook user has a unique ID number. This number gives you some information on approximately -- but not precisely -- when you and your friends joined Facebook relative to each other. A lower number suggests that you joined Facebook earlier than a friend with a higher number. If you and your friends are competitive and computer-savvy, you may want to compare ID numbers. You may be entitled to the bragging rights of having been the first in your social circle to join Facebook.

1. Log into Facebook, then navigate to the account of a Facebook friend.
2. Look at the URL that appears in your address bar as you view your friend's profile. It may end in a string of numbers. If so, these final numbers in the address make up your friend's ID number.
3. Hover your cursor over your friend's profile picture if the number does not appear in the address bar. This means your friend has customized her URL. Look to the bottom of your browser; you should see a URL appear there. Your friend's Facebook ID number is the last solid string of numbers in this URL. It may appear after other numbers, but there is a period between. For example, if this URL ends, "123456.987654321&type;=1," your friend's ID number is "987654321."
4. Repeat this process for each friend whose Facebook ID number you wish to view.
When Facebook was founded, every user was given an ID number. It began with ID #0, which redirects every user to their own profile page.
ID numbers 1-3 were tests that Mark Zuckerberg used to initially test Facebook; the profile pages no longer exist.
The first real Facebook user starts at ID #4. It belongs to Mark Zuckerberg.
Facebook ID numbers were assigned in somewhat sequential order; schools were chunked up in blocks up to 100,000 IDs. Harvard was the first chunk (0-99,999).
My number is about 5,500,000. This makes sense because Syracuse was the 56th school on Facebook.
It's not clear how IDs were assigned once Facebook expanded beyond college networks.
But, if you were an early Facebook member and joined through a university network, your ID number probably closely resembles the order in which you signed up for the site.
To find this number, look at your Facebook profile page. Assuming you didn't opt to change the url a few years back, it will be followed by a long string of numbers:
fb. com/profile.php?id=5500958
That number, i.e. 5500958, is it.
Another really easy way to find it is, and dump in your URL.
If you want to find it on your own and you already changed your URL to your name, that's easy too.
Go to your Facebook profile. Look at the top of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) and to go "View" then "View Source" from the drop-down.
Search the page (hold down "Command" and "F" on a Mac) for "profile_id="
A few results will pop up, and all of them should be followed by a long string of numbers, such as "5500958."
That long string of numbers is your account number.
To confirm it, go to your web browser and type in the following url: graph.fb .com/YOURNUMBER
It should churn out a result that looks like this, with your name:
If you want to figure out the exact date you joined Facebook, head to your Facebook profile page and scroll all the way down. On the far right side of the page, you'll see "Recent" followed by a bunch of years. Click on the earliest year. At the bottom, above when you were born, you'll see the exact date you joined Facebook.
If you are logged into Facebook in your current browser, you should be able to click this link, and it will redirect you to your profile page. Then, copy the URL from your browsers address bar and come back here to try again.